Reports of dead whitefish prompt investigation

MNR can’t confirm reports without specifics

After hundreds of dead fish turned up in Cook’s Bay last May, including rock bass, sun fish and largemouth bass, citizens became concerned VHS was the cause. Now, dead whitefish have been reported.
Georgina Advocate

World-class facilities help buoy Georgina’s reputation as an ice fishing capital, but reports of dead fish in the lake are floating to the surface this week, as well.

The Natural Resources Ministry is aware of the situation but, at this point, has not confirmed reports of dead whitefish in Lake Simcoe.

“We have heard the reports from anglers calling in, as well as from the message boards,” said a ministry spokesperson.

“These have ranged from a few fish to many more, however, we have not had any specific spots forwarded to us so that we can verify.”

Angling message boards point to dead whitefish off of Innisfil and around Snake and Fox islands, however, no photos or official confirmation accompany the posts.

There are also posts from some anglers dismissing accounts as nothing more than rumour.

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