Lake Simcoe Through The Year

Depending when you come to Lake Simcoe, you will have a different fishing experience. Fishing in spring is not the same as fishing in the fall at this lake, and each time of year brings a new fishing adventure for anyone thinking of coming to this amazing lake, with its abundance of aquatic life.

Spring is when everything gets going at Lake Simcoe. The 2nd Saturday in May is when pike season opens up, as well as when white fish and lake trout season opens.

The best time to go after smallmouth bass in Lake Simcoe is after the last Saturday in June, when the fish can be found in the rocky shorelines and mid-lake shoals. Lake Simcoe is considered to be one of the best lakes in Canada for trophy smallmouth bass, with the bass coming in around the four to seven pound range.

This is the time of year when the best largemouth bass fishing can be found at Lake Simcoe. Pike fishing is also excellent this time of year. Since summer is gone at this point, rapidly changing weather and rough waters can be expected during the fall on Lake Simcoe. Usually only the serious anglers will go out onto the lake at this point, but there is a good reason why fall is a great time for fishing Lake Simcoe; the big fish. During the fall of 2003, a Canadian Bass Tournament record was set with a 29.59 pound bag of five smallmouth bass. There is good reason why Lake Simcoe is called the only place in North America to catch huge smallmouth bass, and that record catch is one of them.

Oddly enough, Lake Simcoe gets most of its anglers not in the spring, summer or fall, but in the winter. More people fish when the lake is covered with ice than at any other time, and that makes Lake Simcoe the most intensively fished inland lake in the province. During the winter, it is possible to catch trout, whitefish, perch, pike and walleye.

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