Fall Fishing Hotspots

This is the season where Simcoe shows how epic it really is.  The fish GORGE to prepare for the winter, and this is your best chance at a trophy fish.  At the 2010 Bass Pro Shops Lake Simcoe Open, a 5 fish limit of smallmouth was brought to the scales weighing 31.55 pounds.  That is a 6.31 pound average and that is what makes Simcoe such a phenomenal fishery!

Largemouth Bass
Once again, these fish often stay deep in the fall for more stable water temperatures and availability of forage.  I have fished them as deep as 40 feet, although I generally target the 15-25 foot range.  In the fall, the greenest weeds are often the ticket to your success.  For technique, it is similar to summer fishing for them.  Try throwing a big deep diving crankbait to find some active fish and then slow down with a dropshot, a tube or a power worm.

Cooks Bay – Lake Couchiching –

Deep Diving Crankbaits – Jig’n’Pig – Strike Zone Slammer – Berkley Power Worm

Smallmouth Bass
Simcoe smallies become Simcoe’s primary target at this time of year as the grow to massive sizes and given the right conditions, can be relatively easy to catch.  Smallies will move back to shallow water before the real cold hits so they can feed on perch.  Before the water dips below 60F, jerkbaits and spinnerbaits can be a great way to cover water and find them.  Once you have found them, or the water is colder, try throwing a dropshot slammer or a tube jig.  Fish the baits slowly on bottom, anywhere from 10-35 feet of water.  I rely heavily on electronics to show me where the fish are, although drifting and fan casting can be very effective as well.

Various Shoals  – Thorah Island – Georgina Island – Willow Beach – Big Bay Point – Bear Point

Jerkbait – Spinnerbait – Strike Zone Slammer – Strike Zone Swammer – Tube Jig

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