The ‘Beautiful Water’ Of Lake Simcoe.

Located in Southern Ontario, Lake Simcoe is a lake like few others in the province. One of the largest freshwater lakes in the world to freeze completely in the winter, the lake borders Simcoe County, Durham Region and the York Region. Known for beautiful shores and an abundance of fish species, Lake Simcoe is a perfect tourist and fishing spot, which has been used for centuries by settlers and the First Nations. In fact, for the First Nations, the lake was an incredibly important fishing spot, especially in the narrows between Kempenfelt Bay and Cook’s Bay.

The Huron word for Lake Simcoe translates as ‘beautiful water’ and it is not hard to see why. Even thought it is near the largest urban areas in Canada, the lake has a pristine quality to it that harkens tourists and anglers to the Lake Country of northwest Ontario.

One of the biggest appeals for this lake is the fact that it is situated so that it is only a short drive from nearly anywhere in Southern Ontario. Measuring at 725 sq km, the lake is a favorite destination for anglers from all over Canada, and especially the United States.

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